Can I Use Klarna on ebay? Yes, Here’s How

Can i use klarna on ebay? Very well, Ebay and Klarna have announced a strategic partnership. This gives auction platform users new flexible payment options.

American auction house Ebay and Swedish financial services provider Klarna have forged a strategic partnership. Both companies announced it. The goal: to offer customers new, more convenient payment options.

can i use klarna on ebay
does ebay takeklarna

Buyers on Ebay now have access to several of Klarna’s payment services through partnerships. Among other things, purchases can now be paid for by invoice or in installments. Previously, Klarna only offered instant transfer options on the platform.

Consumers want new payment options
According to both companies, per-account purchases and installment payments now allow customers to make purchases more flexibly and thus have the choice between paying for their purchases in person or later. The introduction of new options was also carried out at the request of many customers.

“We keep in touch with buyers on eBay and incorporate their wishes into the design of our platform. That is why we are excited about this new strategic partnership with Klarna,” said Oliver Klinck, Vice President of Ebay Germany.

Can i Use Klarna on ebay? It’s Possible

For Klarna, collaboration above all means opening up a new customer base. In addition, we want to make users aware of the different payment options.

“Through our strategic partnership with eBay, we are now able to further enhance the shopping experience by bringing Klarna payment options to millions of customers,” said Jani Tyyni, Head of Northern Europe and center at online auction house Klarna.

New payment options will be introduced gradually. During the first few weeks it will only be offered by select retailers, but during this year Ebay plans to make the new payment option widely available at most of the retailers on the platform. (Techno Today)

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